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Has anyone ever traveled with ORBRIDGE LLC travel company; our university has many alumni trips planned and Orbridge LLC is listed as one of the tour company; I'm curious what their reputation is and if anyone has been on one of their tours; they advertise as a small group (19-26 persons) tour company.

Never heard about them, so did a small search for them on Google, and its like no search for them. I have a small travel firm in Jaipur, India and more than 1000 searches is on my firm name, which means travellers are searching for my company. But the number for "ORBRIDGE LLC" is zero.
Since I can't attach any image, here is the image screenshot link:
i.imgur dot com/mpMvueS.png
replace dot with a .

Orbridge is a travel company that designs educational trips for individuals and groups such as colleges and universities. They are very much still in business.