best time to travel to Botswana, Zimbabwe & Nambia

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I am preparing to book the above trip to Africa and want information on the best months to go. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

We went to Namibia, Botswana and Zambia from September 4th through September 22nd and the weather was perfection, although the water level in Victoria Falls was on the low side compared to when we had seen it in May many years earlier.

In Southern Africa, the seasons are opposite ours in the Northern Hemisphere. The best time to go is during our summer ( their winter ) from June -September, with optimal times being in July-August. And why is that? Because their 'winter' is not like ours; the weather is more springlike. Relatively warm and comfortable during the day, but chilly at night and early morning. coincidently that is usually the dry season, meaning the grass is lower and it's easier to see the animals. Conversely, their 'summer' is the wet season and it is usually rainy, which can be quite uncomfortable and because of the rains, the grass is higher and the animals more difficult to see. That's why trips there during the Rainy season are generally a whole lot less costly than in the dry season. We've been to all those countries several times and we always went in July. We would definately recommend that time of year. I recall sitting on the veranda of the Victoria Falls hotel having high tea and looking at the falls in the distance. Great trips.

14 trips and always in May
Comfortable days (nights can be cold), after the rains (though may have light showers few hours in Capetown)
Almost no mosquitoes
High Season pricing (+25%) begins in June