Agent for making flight reservations with miles/points

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Does anyone have a recommendation for an agency to make our flight arrangements using our frequent flier miles? Has anyone had an experience, good or bad, with such a service? Thanks, Lila

I'm not so sure there is such an agency, because if you use your miles, there is no way for any potential agent to make any money on the transaction, other than charging you a separate cash fee for making the transaction. Additionally, you would also have to give the agent access to your account to actually make the reservation and redeem your miles, which itself not a very good idea. If your FFM are with the airline, you should have no problem making a reservation and paying with your miles; all the major airlines allow you to do that. If they're with a credit card (IMV, a very bad way to earn perks as opposed to a cash perk-cash is always better ), then you should contact customer service of your card's issuer to request assistance.

You might try Shama Travel outside of Chicago; contact Raj Goyal at; 847-840-5420
He is a very good friend of our travel agent and reliable; yes you will pay a fee but he can arrange air with or without miles.
I have always made my own air travel arrangements but in March 2020, in Perth, Australia, Delta cancelled our flights from Perth to our home in USA 48 hours before we left; Raj had us flights (first/business class) back home in an hour and a half