Krampus Parade and Christmas Market Trip 2022

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Greetings everyone- My siblings (5 total) and possibly some extended family members, are planning a Christmas Market Trip for Dec 2022. We would like to see a Krampus Parade as well. I'm thinking that we would stay in Munich for the Christmas Markets, since they have numerous. It might also be easy enough to go to a few places via train for day trips. What are thoughts, experiences, websites that will be helpful in the planning? I know it's a ways away and we aren't sure how things will pan out with the pandemic, but we have to start planning ahead time, at least to schedule time off. Our ages range from 50-70 with physical ability all over the board! No one uses a cane or wheelchair, but a few are heavy set and walking long distances may be a struggle. Thank you in advance for all of your help!

I've looked at and and both have two night tours to the parade and market. They both show pretty expensive rates per person.